William Brooks's Monograph on Futenma (a US Military Base in Okinawa) Issue Just Published

We are proud to announce that we just published a timely monograph by William Brooks on Futenma issue, which has yet to be settled for indeed fourteen years, based on his rich experience in the American Embassy in Tokyo.

Director, Kent Calder wrote, "It gives the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies great pleasure to publish this monograph as the latest contribution to our Asia-Pacific Policy Papers monograph collection. The series aims to bridge the delicate divide between policy and scholarship—to present timely issues of public interest and policy importance, in a reflective, analytical fashion that realistically contributes to their resolution. Just as we have dealt in the past with issues of Japanese economic reform, North Korean nuclear policy, and Chinese energy security, so here do we present timely research on the most controversial issue facing U.S.-Japan relations today—the relocation of the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station. Read More...

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